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Computer technology in heavy industry is still relatively new. Until recently, the industrial sector preferred using standard (SCADA) software from the major manufacturers, despite its limitations. With Ethernet networks and “IOT” devices making their way onto the plant floor, access to information has never been easier.

Our professionals will offer the support you need in implementing software solutions in order to give you real-time access to your production machinery.

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Databases and Report Generation

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We use the latest tools to generate and disseminate clear information in an accessible way. Using SQL databases to collect production data, we then can generate reports using Microsoft tools (SSRS) or the software packages that the automation and MES software suppliers can propose, such as Dream Reports.

Network Architecture

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Our IT professionals are at the forefront of the latest technological advances and can suggest network architectures that are well adapted to the industrial sphere – Servers, Level 2 and 3 switches, cybersecurity, redundancy, VLAN, NAT, IGMP snooping, port forwarding, industrial firewalls, network storage, RAID Systems, etc.

Virtual Environment Creation

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We are proud to be one of the early adopters of virtualization technology. We’ve been comfortable with the software and methods for many years, so we can offer you the benefits of virtualizing your work spaces and servers. Thin-client technology has facilitated the deployment of virtual machines to the plant floor.

Software Development

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Our computer programmers are proficient in all the current programming languages – .Net, JavaScript, Java, SQL, C# and C++. We can suggest custom solutions whenever your standard software becomes obsolete or no longer meets your needs. We have designed custom plug-ins to exchange data with ERPs, as well as communication drivers that work with the most popular PLCs. Our programmers can develop the custom software to meet your particular needs.


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Our professionals can guide you through the development and implementation of cybersecurity measures, in keeping with current international standards (IEC 62443 / ISA 99).

Custom software

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Our developers have created a Web SCADA application that can be used as part of your plant supervision system. Our Web SCADA can do all that a commercial SCADA can do, but without the added cost of license fees. It includes the following:

  • Operator-interface
  • PLC communication
  • Alarm management
  • Data acquisition
  • Production reports

You can access it from a fixed operator workstation or your mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet.

Let us show you how much it can do for you!

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