Let’s grow together!

Since its founding in 2001, PCI has experienced sustained growth thanks to its close relationships with clients. For them, we aren’t just a service provider, but more like an extension of their engineering department.

Of course, these relationships would be impossible without our employees, who are our greatest ambassadors. Making sure they’re happy is a priority for us. We try to provide them with more than a work space, but one that makes them feel at home.

PCI automatisation industriel - service About us


To provide integration services in process control, manufacturing control, robotics, industrial software and MES. We serve industrial- sector clients who are seeking partnerships and not just service providers.

We will provide you with an experienced, dedicated, multi-disciplinary team with various areas of expertise and having worked in diverse industries.


To be for our clients an extension of their project staff so they can focus completely on their core expertise. To be appreciated for our excellence but also for our user-friendly methods.

Using the latest technology to help our clients remain competitive in their field.


User-friendly | It’s easy to work with us

Commitment | We give 100% to each project and listen to our clients’ concerns.

Employee satisfaction | Rewarding projects, motivated work teams, friendly workplace.

Pro-activity and initiative | We put forward a vision for the future, offering solutions that take into account technical and operational details.

Rigour and flexibility | Rigour in the quality of our work, flexibility in its execution, with an understanding of a project’s realities.

Reliability | We show up prepared, stick to a project’s timetable and provide support after it’s completed.


Christian Perrier and Alain Gagné founded PCI in 2001. Their goal has always been to offer customers the best possible service. Over the years, PCI has developed a growing and loyal customer base. It has transformed from a local firm to one that serves an international market, through which it has developed some of its most important relationships.

We have a team of 50+ employees, who work primarily as engineers. The company has garnered a reputation for the quality of its service, its stimulating work environment and its satisfied customers and suppliers.

2001 -Founding of PCI, established at 10500 St. Laurent Blvd.
2002 -First major project, as part of the construction of Lallemand’s Memphis plant
2005 -First project for Pfizer (formerly Wyeth)
2006 -First project in Europe: the expansion of Lallemand’s SAS plant in Saint-Simon, France
2008 -The start of the BioExx project in Saskatchewan, which allowed us to move to 350 Louvain St. W. We had seven staff members at the time, but thanks to the BioExx project, as well as projects for Lake States Yeast and Lallemand GB in England, we quickly expanded to 16.
2011 -Company moves to 9500 Meilleur St.
2013 -Start of the MES project for Keurig, our first MES project. This project and the ensuing projects allowed us to grow the team to 27 employees.
2017 -The PCI team has grown to more than 50 people.
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