At PCI, we have a department that specializes in manufacturing execution systems (MES) and industrial software solutions. Whether it’s enterprise resource planning (ERP), MES or SCADA, our team can handle a plant’s software programming needs.

MES facilitates the generation and standardization of key performance indicators (KPI). That means that in addition to managing the production, this solution offers an increased visibility sense of your production. The overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) (efficiency, downtime and quality of the finished product) makes it simple to take initiatives that will lead to continuous improvements.

Data from MES can be circulated via web reports and redesigned in hypercube format (decisional software).

PCI automatisation industriel - service MES & Industrial Software

With the implementation of an MES system, our clients will reduce by 80% the number of manual operations on their production floor.


  • Production oversight that will increase efficiency, reduce downtime and improve quality.
  • Standardized performance indicators that promote continuous improvement between work sites and/or production lines.
  • Improved efficiency
  • These tools are useful in making production-line comparisons. They also facilitate the evaluation of different plants.
  • Custom software development: Personalized SCADA, flexible platform courtesy of web clients, business management software package (ERP).

Some of our sectors of activity

Replaces binders and notepads with custom applications

Truck tracking-Custom software applications designed to pool information and update local operator displays in real time.

Communication management using peripherals (Industrial/Commercial) to pool information, attractive displays and accurate reporting.

Creation of a project management and employee time-management system.

Production monitoring
Direct communication with line equipment, which facilitates accurate production monitoring and informed decision making.

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