Our specialty for over 20 years!

With a multidisciplinary team and a focus on continuing education, we excel in all the most popular programming platforms in the industry. We can modernize or modify your existing systems, as well as develop new systems.

We cover everything from the sensor on the factory floor to the ERP: electrical design, mechanical design, machine safety analysis, programmable controllers, SCADA, MES, historians, reports.

We are able to recommend the best options available to you in order to meet your challenges and to assist you in implementing these solutions. Our team can execute all phases of a project, from its definition to its commissioning.

We realize your transition towards Industry 4.0

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Electrical Design

Electrical design is the very basis of automation. It must be carried out rigorously according to established rules. Our team knows these rules and knows how to apply them.
  • Electrical and control architecture:
    • Modernization of existing installations
    • Industrial network schematics
    • Connection and distribution drawings
  • Control and power cabinets
    • Modification and modernizing cabinets
    • Control panel schematics and layout drawings
  • Plans signed and stamped by an engineer

Energy management

Energy is critical to any industry, better understanding and managing it makes it possible to : reduce costs, increase productivity, better protect sensitive equipment. With the centralization and logging of data, it also becomes possible to compare the consumption and energy efficiency of different equipment or buildings.  

  • Consumption information centralization
  • Consumption report
  • Analysis and comparison of data and events
  • Management of consumption peaks

Industrial Networking

With the realities associated with the advent of Industry 4.0, we are witnessing the convergence of networks associated with production (OT) and those associated with business (IT).

Our networking experts are able to analyze, design, optimize and deploy networking solutions that meet both groups.

  • Network architecture design
  • Cybersecurity
  • Configuration of Switch, Router, Firewalls
  • Network performance monitoring and analysis
  • Audit and obsolescence analysis

IT and Software Development

To set up an IT infrastructure or for software development, our team can offer you tailored solutions using the best technologies available: licensed software or customized solutions according to your needs.

  • Web applications
  • Databases
  • Virtual environment configuration
  • Network configuration
  • Cybersecurity
  • Historization
  • Custom software
  • Virtual machines
  • MES
  • Reports

Machine Safety

This is a must in the industrial sector. Machines must be safe and meet established standards. Our team is always on the lookout for the most up-to-date regulations.

Following the findings of a rigorous risk analysis, our team will be able to propose, apply and implement the selected solutions.

  • Programming of controllers (PLC) and robots
  • Writing and executing validation protocols
  • Safety control schemes
  • Selecting and setting up safety components

Mechanical Design

Our experienced designers draw on their knowledge of industrial automation to design robust and efficient mechanical solutions.

  • Mechanical engineering calculations
  • Mechanical equipment design
  • Creating layouts
  • Pneumatic distribution
  • Plans signed and stamped by an engineer
  • Selecting third-party mechanical components


Our experienced and multidisciplinary team can program all the components that are essential to conventional or modern automation solutions.

  • Controllers
  • HMI
  • PLC
  • Robot
  • Vision system

Our technology platforms

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