Industrial control includes the automation of processes, manufacturing and material handling activities.

At PCI, our expertise in several areas allows us to accompany you in the realization of your projects where industrial control is now essential. Whether these projects are the integration of machines, processes, or the modernization of your equipment, we are the extension of your engineering team, from the birth of your ideas to the start-up.

This expertise covers all types of machines and industrial processes:

  • Fermentation, Separation, Drying
  • Clean in place (CIP) systems
  • Pasteurization (HTST and UHT)
  • Water treatment
  • Batching and continuous processes
  • Integration of packaging lines
  • Optimizing throughput
  • Modernization and securing machines
  • Vision and rejection systems

We can prepare, implement, and ensure the success of your transition to Industry 4.0.

Consult the project sheets of our achievements in this area of expertise:

PCI automatisation industriel - service Industrial control
PCI automatisation industriel - service Industrial control
PCI automatisation industriel - service Industrial control
PCI automatisation industriel - service Industrial control

Firms that have embraced digital technologies are, compared to those that have not, almost twice as likely to expect annual revenue growth of 10% or more over the next three years.

(Source: BDC, 2020.)


  • Several years of experience in several types of processes
  • Solutions tailored to your needs and preferences
  • Process simulation before commissioning at the plant
  • Support and monitoring of production remotely or on-site according to your needs
  • Flexibility and adaptability, to achieve tight deadlines
  • Diverse knowledge in different types of controls (motion control, machine safety, etc.)
  • Full integration of equipment and machinery
  • Programming of various types of PLCs, HMIs and SCADAs

Some of our sectors of activity

Milk and cream receiving, preparation of mixtures, HTST pasteurization, fermentation, filling and packaging lines, optimization.

Molasses sterilization, fermentation, ingredient addition, blowers, separators, clarifiers, cooling, truck loading, RVF for fresh yeast, drying, CIP, effluent treatment, odour control.

Fermenters, seed fermenters, aerobic and anaerobic control, temperature and pressure control, neutralization, centrifugal separation, powder incorporation, freeze-drying

Liquid ingredient systems (yeast, liquid sugar, oil), dough mixers, ovens, packaging

Solid processes:
Manufacture of cellulose insulation - shredding, conveying, paper refining, mass dosage of powders, pneumatic conveying, weighing, dust collectors

Integration of OEM equipment, machine safety

Cement and Mines:
Addition and modification of equipment in cement plants and in mines. Development and deployment of SCADA solutions.

Wind power generation:
SCADA modernization of high voltage and low voltage electricity distribution and protection systems in the energy field.

Participation in municipal projects in electrical design, PLC programming, SCADA development, commissioning, and training.

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