For the safety of your employees and your systems!

The health and well-being of workers is important to the PCI team. We make sure to keep up with all the laws, standards and procedures to safely design our machine safety solutions.

You’ll witness our expertise in numerous ways, from risk assessments and design specifications to the programming and detailed electrical design of these solutions.

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Risk Assessment

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Our experienced engineers can examine your equipment and prepare a risk assessment based on the latest standards – CSA Z432, CSA Z434, IEC 61508, IEC 62061, etc.

Design specifications

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Using the risk assessment as a basis of design, our team can prepare a design specification, including the required equipment modifications so that the machine will meet safety requirements according to applicable standards.

Safety Design

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Based on both the risk assessment and the design specification, our team can choose the components, prepare detailed electrical drawings and program the safety controllers. The result will be a high-performance system that meets the latest safety standards and guarantees employee safety.

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