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No matter the sector of operations, we have the experienced professionals to help you improve your system. Our experts will craft a high-level design, which will include control and network architecture, a functional description and a list of major components. Some pre-engineering work might then be needed depending on the project’s complexity. Our team can carry out all the detailed design, which includes:

  • Functional analysis
  • Design specification
  • Electrical drawings prepared and signed by an engineer
  • Detailed parts lists
  • Training and documentation
PCI automatisation industriel - service Design

Preliminary design

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We will quickly make recommendations in order to identify the fundamentals of your projects, no matter their scale (large or small projects).

  • Choice of technology
  • Control philosophy
  • Budgetary cost estimation
  • Site survey

Functional Analysis

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We’re able to prepare or collaborate with you in preparing a functional analysis for your system, since we work in a variety of industries and have developed an understanding of how things work.

Control System Design

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Our team of designers/draftsmen can prepare plans to present in one document all necessary project information.

Drawings and Designs

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Our electrical drawings are developed using the latest electrical industry standards. All our drawings are prepared, sealed and signed by an engineer.

Design and construction specifications

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Our designers will provide design or construction specifications at the quotation or construction stage, whether for control panel assembly, parts supply, electrical installation or computer equipment. Our team will respond to your needs whatever they may be.

Training and Documentation

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Whether it’s simple or elaborate, we can provide you with custom project documentation. This can range from a simple maintenance manual containing the equipment data sheets and control panel drawings all the way to comprehensive operational procedures and troubleshooting procedures. We can train your operators and technicians on new equipment and give comprehensive training courses on the automation software and technologies that are so much a part of your business.

Retrofit - Automation and Control

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Our team can help you in upgrading your obsolete software and equipment, such as: PLC, SCADA and HMI, communication networks and IT infrastructure .

  • Rockwell Allen-Bradley
  • Schneider
  • Aveva Wonderware
  • Siemens
  • GE
  • Modicon
  • Télémécanique
  • and several other platforms

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