2020 Global Alliance Partner of the Year

News | 2020-09-30
2020 Global Alliance Partner of the Year Award

PCI has recently been named winner of the prestigious Schneider Electric 2020 Global Alliance Excellence Award. This award recognizes the very best of Schneider Electric’s industrial automation systems integrators, which are those companies who work to deliver the most outstanding projects; display the largest growth and business development; execute technical excellence; and deliver quality customer business relationships.

This award places us in an even stronger position to serve our clients with the solutions and support they require to grow their business by providing the skilled resources they need to:

• Improve manufacturing productivity, and quality
• Reduce errors and energy waste
• Drive more process efficiency and flexibility

Our goal has always been to provide our clients with a highly competent engineering team that understands their daily business issues and can help them achieve their goals. Receiving this award means that we can do this with the full support of a global leader in manufacturing technology solutions, Schneider Electric. 

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